Why This Professional Contractor Is The Right Choice For Your Magnetic Sweeping Auckland 

Why This Professional Contractor Is The Right Choice For Your Magnetic Sweeping Auckland 

There is no denying that industrial sweeping requirements are a lot different from household cleaning requirements. Different types of sweeping equipment is needed to make sure that everything is picked up from an industrial floor and the floor is thoroughly cleaned. It is especially true of magnetic sweeping Auckland as specialized equipment is required to make sure the site is completely clean and safe for people to use.

If you start searching for magnetic sweeping Auckland services, you’ll find that there are quite a few companies offering these services but not every company is able to consistently deliver high-quality work. One of the companies that stands apart is the KP Group. They have been active in this business since 1993. In fact, the core business of the group has been industrial floor sweeping.

They have invested a lot of money in industrial sweeping equipment to make sure that your site is completely cleaned. They have specialised vacuum machines capable of picking up 2.5 L bottles and also walk behind sweepers to make sure even the smallest specks of dust are picked up in tight aisles. All of the equipment used by the company comes fitted with specialised filter panels. These filter panels are capable of trapping everything above 4 microns which means when your facility gets swept, it will be free of dust.

In many cases, cleaning companies or magnetic sweeping Auckland companies use equipment that just pushes the dust away in places where you can’t see it. They don’t get rid of the dust. KP Group doesn’t have that philosophy and their professionals make sure that the dust is permanently removed. The panel filter in the equipment traps the dust collected off the floor and this collected dust is removed permanently. It doesn’t get recirculated into the air. It is not only more environmentally friendly but also makes the indoor air clean for people working there.

KP Group has been active in this business for many years and they now have more than 50 high-quality machines that are operated by highly trained 30+ staff members. Their machines are capable of covering sites ranging from 50 square meters to more than 50,000 square meters. In short, you can call them for any kind of cleaning service regardless of the size of the job. All the trucks operated by the company have GPS tracking devices which means you will always know when the company professionals arrive and leave your premises.

They offer all kinds of industrial sweeping services in addition to magnetic sweeping Auckland services such as warehouse scrubbing, floor scrubbing, road sweeper, industrial vacuum sweeper services, industrial sweeping services, car park sweeping services, building washing services as well as flooding clean up and spill recovery services among others. You can also give them a call for water blasting as well as steam cleaning services. As far as the pricing is concerned, you can give them a call and describe the condition of the floor as well as the size of the area to be cleaned and they will be happy to provide a completely free estimate within a few hours.

Give KP Group a call today if you need any types of industrial sweeping services.

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